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System Administration and Managed Services

System administration and operation

  • IBM i and AIX system administration
  • Database administration
  • Automation of procedures for unattended operations
  • Automated pro-active monitoring – via SMS, E-Mail
  • Disk space management and reporting
  • Job management and reporting
  • Backup Management
  • Set up of third party system management tools
  • Delivery against 24X7 SLAs

Operating System Maintenance

  • Operating System upgrades
  • Cumulative/Group/Hiper PTFs
  • AIX Lifecycle management by TL upgrades and migrations
  • HMC, Firmware PTFs and upgrades

Setup, migrate IBM POWER system based environments

  • Sizing, configuring and HW/SW upgrade of POWER servers
  • Creating partitions on i, AIX, Linux LPARs on POWER systems
  • Set up new POWER servers and applications
  • Integration – system, network, database
  • Setup HMC (Hardware Management Console)
  • Tape Conversion
  • Data migration
  • Server relocation

Performance Tuning and Capacity planning

  • Set up performance data collection
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual performance reports
  • Annual, ad-hoc capacity report
  • Setup Subsystems
  • Setup private, shared memory pools
  • ODBC workload isolation

Application administration

  • ICBS, Debt Manager, administration
  • Third party application interface administration
  • Development/testing environment setup
  • Multiple copies of databases
  • Data extraction/query
  • Procedures as per customer needs

Tape conversions

  • We can convert old 1/2" Reel, 4/8 mm, QIC, 3570, LTO1,2,3,4 tapes to LTO-1,2,3,4,5,6
  • We also convert tapes to virtual tape files

Tape Media replacement

Replace backup to physical tape media

  • using VTL
  • Virtual Tape

LaserVault implementations